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Holiday cottages welcoming bookings for short breaks

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I reckon if you asked everyone in the UK if they would like more holiday the vast majority would say DEFINITELY!

However, for most people unlimited holiday is not an option.

4 weeks holiday a year

Full time workers in the UK are entitled to at least 4 weeks holiday. Many companies offer more than that.

Many employers allow bank holidays in addition to the standard holiday entitlement although not all do.

So... everybody has at least a months worth of holiday a year. Which sounds like a lot but isn't it amazing how quickly the holiday entitlement goes.

A couple of weeks off at Christmas and a Fortnight in the summer and there isn't a lot left for the rest of the year.

The good news is that a short cottage break can make the most of your holiday entitlement. A four day long weekend will only use up, for most, just two days holiday. This makes your holiday go much further,

Thousands of cottages in the UK & Ireland welcome short break bookings

All of the cottages in our short breaks section welcome bookings for three or four days. So if you are looking for a break for three or four days either as a long weekend or mid week break then these properties could be just what you need.

Please note that not all cottages will allow short break bookings all year round as some restrict this to low season or outside of school holidays. You will be able to check this when you visit the booking website or by looking at the availability.