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Large Holiday Cottages | Self Catering holiday accommodation in England

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This collection of cottages are all suited to sleeping ten or more people. Why a large cottage?

Cottage holidays for a group of friends

This selection of cottages could be teh perfect base for a holiday or short break with a few of your mates. The extra space and comfort a large cottage provides can offer the perfect solution for your break.

Large Families

Booking a holiday for a large family or a break with grandparents etc can be a bit of a nightmare specially if booking multiple lodges or properties. Our large cottage selection could provide the perfect solution for you and your family.

Family Groups

A large holiday cottage is a great option for families who love going on holiday together. Buy booking a large cottage compared to multiple properties can not only be more convenient, specially if you have young children, as you dont have the hassle of deciding whether to drag the kids out at night if the adults want to have a get together. You save on travelling costs as you are all in the same location as well as being able to help each other out and make light of the cooking and washing up.