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Sandy beach holiday cottage rentals

Map showing holiday cottages near sandy beaches

'Oh I do like to be beside the seaside' - Its true! what could be more perfect than a holiday in a luxury cottage with in a few miles of some of the lovliest beaches in the UK. There are many high quality blue flag beaches around the coast of England, Wales and Scotland as well as accross the water in Ireland.

Kids love sandy beaches

With out a doubt the beach has so much to offer families with children of all ages. Picture this, you are relaxing in the hot sunshine on the beach, the children are playing happily paddling in the sea or building a small empire of sand castles with delicious ice creams, fish and chip dinners just a stones throw away.

A cottage has so much more to offer as well as not only are you close to the beach you also have all the mod cons of home and the space to relax after a hard day at the beach. Sandy Beach holidays are what childhood memories are made of!.

Why book a cottage near the beach

Sandy Beach at holiday resortIt's a good question as driving to the beach is always an option. In the summer the best seaside resorts get incredibly busy and unless you want to get up really early it can be either very expensive to park in the resort or impossible to find a space. Being close to the beach means if you need to drive you dont have as much traffic to contend with and even better if you can walk as you have none of the hassles of expensive and rare car parking.


Classic sandy beach activities

There is so many games families can play whilst on the beach. If you are into watersports such as surfing, swimming or just enjoy an afternoon on the pedalo boats. On the beach itself there are good old building sand castles or burying Dad in the sand. And if you are a bit of a sun worshiper then a towel on sand is a lot more comfortable than stones. And with the comfort of booking cottages near sandy beaches you know that you can have a good shower or bath afterwards in your holiday cottage.

More to do beside the beach

Seaside townsThe seaside has so much more to offer than just the beach. Beaches are a magnet for tourism based businesses. Amusement parks, dodgem's, fun fairs and so much more. Also Britain has a fantastic network of coastal paths and walks that can be enjoyed when the weather is less faviourable for the beach. You will also find great town centres at beach towns where you can get all your provisions for your self catering holiday, including BBQ's and take aways.

Great Restaurants

Seaside towns are often built around tourism so you will find a great range of restaurants to suit every taste and budget often with in a few feet of the beach.

If you pick a cottage that is located with in the seaside town itself you could find that once you have arrived and parked the car at the property that you dont use it again until you go home. Depending on the type of holiday you are looking for you may even find that you dont want to bother taking the car itself. Many seaside towns have excellent public transport links. Traveling by rail or coach could be a great way of getting there specially if the property doesn't have private parking. If you travel by train pre-booking your train tickets can save you money as well as reducing the environmental impact of your holiday.