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Detached self catering holiday cottages in the UK & Ireland

Uk map showing pet friendly holiday cottages Detached Welsh holiday cottages Detached English Cottages Detached holiday cottages in Scotland Detached Irish holiday cottages Detached holiday cottages are an ideal way of enjoying a self catering holiday with a little extra privacy and with less rish of being disturbed by neighbours.

Larger cottages means more room

Often detached cottages are larger than average and often have a private outdoor garden space where you can enjoy the sunshine.

Ideal for families

If you have young children or are planning to have a group holiday where you plan to stay up a little later than most then a detached cottage means you don't have to worry so much about the noise.

Key benefits of a detached cottage can include:

- more space
- more privacy
- less risk of noise from neigbours
- less risk of upsetting neigbours
- often a private outside space.