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Pet Friendly Holiday Cottages | Self Catering holidays with dogs

Holidays with dogs

Holiday cottages that welcome dogs are the ideal base for any self catering holiday with your dog.

No need for your dog to miss out

There is no need for your family dog to miss out on the holiday when you choose a pet friendly holiday cottage.

One of the real advantages of a holiday in this country is that you don't have to worry about pet passports (if you live in the UK of course) or expensive boarding kennels to look after your dog when you are away.

Walks in the countryside or coastline

Cottages are often located is beautiful countryside or coastal locations which make walking your dog an absolute pleasure whilst on holiday. Walking is a great ways of really exploring the local area too.

Uk map showing pet friendly holiday cottages Pet friendly Irish holiday cottages Pet friendly holiday cottages in Scotland Pet Friendly English Cottages Pet friendly Welsh holiday cottages Cottage holidays with dogs in Scotland All of the pet friendly cottages shown here allow you to take your pet on holiday with you.

Some cottage owners make a small extra charge to bring your pet. Its wise also to ensure you take your pets bedding to make your dog as comfortable as possible and less likely to be distressed in new surroundings.

A cottage with a private garden is also worth considering so that you can let your dog out.

A detached cottage could also be worth considering if your dog is spooked my noises or prone to barking.

Key benefits of a pet frindly cottage include:

- save money of kennel costs
- include the whole family on your holiday