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Holiday cottage visitor welcome pack

Rental cottage welcome pack

Putting together a welcome pack for your holiday cottage visitors is a great way of getting the holiday off to a good start.  There are a range of options for a welcome pack from just a basic instruction manual on how things work to a selection of groceries as well as a well thought out guide to the area and places they may like to visit.
This article hopes to provide you with a few ideas of things that you may like to do to welcome your paying guests to your holiday cottage.

Instruction manual

This is a guide to how things work in the cottage.  It would generally include things like how the TV works, getting the central heating or night storage heaters working, hot water and anything else that is essential equipment for the holiday maker.  This will probably save you time in the long run as it will help prevent having to help the visitors sort everything out.
If you live on site an instruction manual doesn’t replace a warm welcome and a guided tour of the property. 

A few things for the fridge

It will be appreciated if you provide a few things to help the holidaymaker get started on provisions e.g. a small carton of milk, bread, condiments, cooking oil, washing up liquid, toilet rolls, soap, washing powder, dishwasher tablets  and a few other essentials so that they can make themselves a hot drink and a snack when they first arrive.

Pamper packs

ChampagneSome cottage owners who are aiming for a specific market e.g. romantic breaks take this one stage further with a full pamper pack for the customer on arrival.  These can include chocolates, champagne etc.  Many cottage owners make a charge for the pamper packs.

Local guide

There are two ways of doing this, firstly to write a local guide showing places to visit, where the local shops are e.g. supermarkets.  Holidaymakers will find this very useful as it will save them time as well as enabling them to benefit from your local knowledge and experience.
A potentially easier way of doing this is providing a collection of leaflets and books about the local area.  This is less personal and doesn’t demonstrate you care as much as a bespoke guide but it will certainly be helpful for holidaymakers who are not familiar with the area.
 We hope this is useful and please do let us know about any ideas you have via the contact us form  so we can add them.