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Holiday Ideas for your cottage holiday - Places to visit

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Local places to visit during a cottage holiday in the UK

It’s a fact that most of us would like more holiday time each year.  Sadly there is nothing we at to help you get more annual holidays.

The next best thing is to make your holiday time as enjoyable as possible and helping to ensure you get to visit all the places you want to during your break.

So…. To help you get the most out of your cottage holiday we have included some of the many great places to visit in each of the counties in the UK. 

Plan you holiday

To maximise your holiday experience its well worth the time for all members of your holiday group to spend a few hours before you go on holiday to plan what each person wants to do during the holiday. 

A few hours planning will help prevent arguments during your holiday because one member of the group feels they didn’t get to do the things they wanted to.

Plan for the weather

When you are planning your holiday itinerary make a note of the places and attractions you want to see that are not dependent on the weather.  This allows you to have a fun packed holiday throughout your holiday time and not waste days on great weather inside or have your plans spoiled by a rainy day. 

For example looking around a museum is a great activity on a rainy or sunny day but a day on the beach in the rain is less appealing than soaking up the sun.

County attractions

Our directory of places to visit in each county is a superb place to start thinking about the type of things you want to do on holiday.  We have split them in to categories so you can see the sorts of things available in your holiday area.

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Our blog is also a useful resource as we add any special offers available for booking cottages and lodges.

Finally,  we sincerely hope you have a fantastic self-catering cottage holiday – where ever you plan to go!